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    Enterprise's competition in the final analysis is the talent competition, talent is the first capital of Xi'an Textile Group, is the enterprise innovation and core resources. Have enough talent, is the core power for the formation of enterprise development, the enterprise is a key leading. Xi'an Textile Group to do a good job in the integration of personnel, the introduction, recruitment, selection, training, training of the article. The purpose of open all avenues to introduce talents, eclectic selection of personnel, training practice promote the talents, incentive and development to retain talent, scientific training reserve personnel, continue to optimize the personnel structure, build a talent team construction.
    ONE, Anyway, the introduction of talent
    Xi'an Textile Group for talents to join, released through the website information, school staff recruitment, talent market to explore various forms to attract talent, through preferential treatment and good prospects for development oriented society to attract outstanding graduates of colleges and universities, management personnel and technical experts.
    Two, not to stick to one pattern selection of personnel
    Xi'an Textile Group in the post arrangement adhere to the "scientific Shegang, competition for preferential, give full scope to the talents, can make the best use" principle, pay attention to efficiency, under the premise of adhering to the principle of "open, fair and just", let "the mighty, light let, Yongzhe", each ability, technology, has the dedication to work, has the sense of responsibility and enterprising people in the company to obtain continuous development, give full play to their talents, to achieve career goals, reflecting the self value of life.
    Three, training practice to enhance the talent
    Talent is the first wealth, training is the first priority. The establishment of scientific personnel training system, to carry out a comprehensive training, job skills training, management skills training. Strengthen training of the staff's skills and attitude training, to take "going out, please come in" approach to training, and Industry Technical College opened training courses of various kinds and at the same time provide authority, authority and face to face communication, consultations and training opportunities for our technical staff and key employees.
    Four, the incentive to develop and retain talent
    Company has always been the staff as the company's partners and important resources, fully trust and respect for employees, the staff of the material incentive and spiritual incentive.
Company to implement the post wage system, a post one post one, post variable pay, pay levels persist in the same industry in the province in a leading position. According to the characteristics of the post, vigorously promote the full implementation of the performance appraisal, work piece, commission system of sales staff.
    Xi'an Textile Group for formal employ staff to pay "five social insurance and one housing fund", enjoy national holidays, paid annual leave. To solve good employees basic necessities of life and the cultural life of the demand, the company financing the construction of 26 story apartment building and dormitory building a building, cafeteria workers, staff bathroom, electronic reading room, theaters and other living facilities.
    Five, scientific training and reserve personnel
    Xi'an textile group integration and restructuring process actively promote the organic integration of human resources, adhere to the internal training, external recruitment, supplemented by the talent development strategy, through the establishment of a systematic, comprehensive training methods and methods for the group to build a good reserve personnel, strengthening the foundation of the group's reserves.
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