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     Xi'an textile group limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as the West Textile Group) is after the implementation of the policy bankruptcy in the former northwest No.3, northwest four cotton, northwest six cotton and printing and dyeing factory northwest  NO.1  old state-owned textile enterprises, set up by the Xi'an City SASAC injection, by Xi'an textile holding limited liability company responsible for the management of the state-owned enterprises.
    West Textile Group is located in the ancient Bahe River shore, Bailuyuan, is located in the beautiful Xi'an Modern Textile Industrial Park, in front of the plant is the 312 national highway, and nearest neighbor Xikang railway, west blue highway and Xi'an high-speed beltway, with unique regional advantages, transportation advantages and environmental advantage.
    Factory covers an area of 785 Mu Xi Textile Group, a total investment of 16 billion yuan, with spindle 18.88 million pieces, 712 sets of air-jet loom and its supporting equipment, with an annual output of cotton yarn 18000 tons, an annual production capacity of 76 million meters of cotton cloth, annual sales income will be 78 million yuan, annual profit and tax 80 million yuan, of which the profit of 45 million yuan.
    West Textile Group production equipment for international and domestic leading spinning and weaving equipment, to measure the textile enterprises of the advanced "three a fine" index, reached the international and domestic first-class level, of which no volume rate reached 95%; knotfree yarns ratio reached 100%; cloth shuttleless proportion reached 100%; the proportion of combed yarn is up to 85%.
    West Textile Group adhere to market-oriented, and vigorously promote the technological innovation, product innovation, marketing innovation and management innovation, and actively develop production with high technological content and added value is high, consumption of resources new varieties of low, formed a high count and high density of high-grade fabric, ply high-grade tool loaded fabric, new fiber and functional fiber fabrics, such as a new pattern, embarked on a high-quality, high grade, high-grade road of development, has won wide acclaim from customers at home and abroad.
    Western Textile Group adhere to the people-oriented, highly valued and carefully cultivate unique corporate culture, adhere to carry out various forms of full training and labor competition activities, adhere to carry out rich and colorful cultural activities, improve the quality of workers, and continuously enhance the cohesion and core competitiveness of enterprises. West Textile Group Party committee was the Xi'an SASAC Party committee as the "four good leadership team", West spinning group by Xi'an municipal Party committee and municipal government awarded the "Xi'an advanced collective" honorary title.
    Carries the dream, smug West Textile Group, standing at a new historical starting point, moving towards creating the leading international and domestic first-class modern enterprise magnificent goal of sail.
    We are willing to cooperate with friends from all walks of life, and seek common development!

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